Zpirit Naturally Infused Water

Pineapple and Sage, Peach and Basil, Spiced Pear and Vanilla, and Mandarin and Mint. Interesting, right? I’ve been exploring these flavors through a new healthy drink line taking off right here in Toronto that is indeed safe for all of us celiac’s.

Zpirit Naturally Infused Water

Let me go back to the beginning.
I’m sure you’ve noticed: the days are getting shorter; the trees are changing from green to gold and more importantly celebrities are piling into the city. Yes it’s TIFF. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Toronto International Film Festival. Whether you are a die-hard fan of the event that lines up in the cold for a seat or the chance to see Andrew Garfield, or you’re irrigated by the entire endeavor because your route to work has had to have a major makeover, you couldn’t be unaware of TIFF.

I for one am indifferent to it all. School has started and I’ve been pretty much consumed by that. I must say, when I got the opportunity to take part of a VIP party involving the festival I felt rather excited to take part of what everyone else has been raving or complaining about.

I arrived in my best party outfit and trotted up the steep stairs to a room filled with people I had never seen before. They laughed, gossiped, pranced about in their clothes, which looked to have cost more than my rent—for the entire year.

It was interesting. Screenings ended and people piled in, taking part in the music drinks and gifts bestowed upon the newest famous faces.

Midway through the evening I put down my phone with IMDB loaded and ready for my command, and really took a look around the room. What stuck out to me were the colorful bottles everyone seemed to be holding. It looked as some sort of juice with fruit in it. So I went on a little mission…for something free.

Zpirit Naturally Infused Water

In my travels of the nightclub, turned posh party, I was approached by a perky young woman with a friendly smile. To my luck she was also holding the bottle I was looking for. She asked if I had any knowledge on the product. I said “no.” and prepared for a long speech from a product promoter.

The woman’s name was Betty Lau, Food Process Manager for Zpirit Foods Inc. After a quick chat my practice journalism skills kicked in.

First off I want to say, I think this is a great line, sure to be popping up more and more. I also love the fact that the people in the company are so young and promoting health in a way that is true to them.

I’m sure you’ve been told at one point or another, you need to drink more water, how good water is for you, or that your body needs it to function. We get it. Water is important; I listen avidly to this advice. I do believe water is important, duh, but being a celiac I’m kind of stuck with water. I don’t have enough time in my day to look at what products have or don’t have gluten in them. So I go with what I know and stick to products with the fewest things in their ingredients. —Point being. As good as water is for you, it can be boring; and we all know I like my options.

Zpirit Naturally Infused Water(at Marche Restaurant in Toronto – images from zpirit.com)

The new line of Zpirit; a naturally infused water—launching last June, adds something different to infused water market. It is a very simple concept. An all-natural, low sugar, 30-calorie, gluten free infused water with real fruit stored in the bottle.

What intrigued me was the outlandish paring of fruit and herbs. Peach and Basil was my first selection. Right away I noticed the difference between the infused waters I’d tried in the past and Zpirit. The difference being it tasted fresh. This isn’t the same as adding a powder to your drink to give it a sugary sweet chemically taste. It’s pure simple ingredients with just the right amount of sweetness.

Zpirit is currently available in Whole Foods, Mongos, and select Loblaw’s. And they’ll be more products coming soon.

Try it out!
Taija A.

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