Vegan Gluten Free Quinoa Patty Wrap Recipe Video

gluten free vegan wrap

Hey everyone! I have something a little different for you today. I made a video to show off this recipe instead of photos. It’s a super simple recipe so this 40 second video should be enough to get you started.

I use the Sol Cuisine Sprouted Quinoa Chia Burger and they are pretty good!

sol chia quinoa patty

Here are the ingredients and directions:

Vegan Gluten Free Quinoa Patty Wrap


1 Corn tortilla
1 tbsp Red pepper hummus
1 Quinoa burger patty
1 Sweet Potato
1/2 Red pepper
Few slices of onion


1. Slice up the sweet potato and toss in olive oil, salt and pepper. Fry in a pan over med heat until soft.
2. Remove the potato and replace with the patty. Heat until full cooked.
3. Spread hummus on the tortilla and arrange the rest of the ingredients on top.

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