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Good morning ladies! :) If you read my blog somewhat kind of regularly you may have read my post on UTI’s and Yeast Infections. I constantly struggle with UTI’s and in turn get the dreaded yeast infection due to antibiotics. I take all the precautions, I hear the same story when I see the doctor.. blah blah wet bathing suits blah blah wipe front to back blah blah.. I do what I’m supposed to but still every once in a while wake up with that horrible feeling. I always take cranberry pills daily, I ran out a while ago and went to the health food store to buy another bottle but the lady who worked there suggested Total Kidney Cleanse instead. It’s about the same price as a bottle of cranberry pills and last just as long (30 days). I was really hesitant because I always have weird side effects to new medicines and even though this is 100% natural, I still assume I’d react in some odd way. She did however talk me into it, I was so sick of taking antibiotics and feeling crappy that I thought I might as well give it a shot.

kidney cleanse

Here are some deets:

Total Kidney Cleanse is a 30 day, two part cleansing program designed to cleanse, sterilize, and alkalize the urinary system.   Total Kidney Cleanse Part I contains herbs which support cleansing and detoxification of the kidneys. It includes herbs with the following properties:

  • Antibacterial
  • Antilithic (Reduces or suppresses urinary stones)
  • Diuretic (promotes secretions of the urinary system to increase toxin elimination)
  • Demulcent (used to relieve internal inflammation).

Total Kidney Cleanse Part II contains Uva Ursi leaf to sterilize the urinary system, and potassium to alkalize the urine. This product can be used as a preventative against kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

It’s a box that has two bottles inside, Take 2 capsules of Total Kidney Cleanse I – Morning Formula in the morning with food and 250ml of water. Take 2 capsules of Total Kidney Cleanse II – Evening Formula in the evening with food and 250 ml of water. The lady at the store told me that I MUST drink LOTS of water, so I did.

I finished the whole bottle, I didn’t notice anything weird about my body or any reactions at all to the cleanse so I didn’t know if it was working or going to work. I finished this cleanse about 6 months ago and haven’t had an issue since which is pretty awesome! I personally had a good experience with this product. After I finished it I did go see my family doctor and told her about it and she said that she would have told me not to take it because even though it’s all natural ingredients, sometimes those can be harmful. My doctor leans to the side of always prescribing medicine and taking all the shots where I’d prefer to heal naturally and try holistic remedies. You may want to check with your doctor to get a professional opinion on whether you should try this product or not.

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