Top 5 Gluten Free and Dairy Free Snacks

I’ve found I spend way too much time hunting products down in the grocery store, I probably spend about 3 mins reading the label on each item! Every store sells something different and sometimes gluten free and dairy free products can lack in the flavour department.

These are the things that are most important to me:

1. Gluten Free, Dairy Free (and free of a few other things depending on the product)
2. Made with natural ingredients
3. Top notch nutritional value
4. Tasty
5. Reasonably priced

This list makes shopping tricky so I’m gonna help you out and share my top 5 products:
p.s. the are in no specific order, I love them all equally :)

1. I Heart Keenwah Cranberry Cashew Cluster. These are really hard and crunchy and pretty sweet but not too sweet. There is enough in the small serving package to get you by in between meals but they also come in a larger bag.

i heart keenwah cranberry cashew quiinoa clusteri heart keenwah

2. Silk True Almond Dark Chocolate. Yummmm, solves my chocolate craving and fills me up a little bit.

Dark Chocolate Silk Almond MilkNutirional value almond milk

3. Zen Chocolate Vanilla Pudding made with Soy Milk.
Another chocolate craving solver, it’s a great sweet snack option with not a lot of fat grams or calories! (also is a good size serving)

Chocolate Vanilla Pudding made with Soy MilkOrganic Soy Milk Chocolate Pudding

4. The Simply Bar. This might be my favourite in this list and is definitely my favourite granola bar-type snack. I love cinnamon but they also come in another decadent flavours like caramel peanut, cocoa raspberry, cocoa coffee… mmm. They pack a lot of protein and little calories and fat.

gluten free granola barNutritional Facts Smart Bar

5. Glutenfreeda’s Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian Burrito. These are great for when I don’t have time to pack a lunch for work. I think they are delicious and it’s a treat for me because I never eat these types of foods. The price varies greatly from store to store, I won’t pay more than $2.99.
gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian


Have any healthy products you can’t live without? I’d love to hear about them!

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