The Oxley Public House, Toronto

The Oxley Public House
121 Yorkville ave, Toronto ON, M5RIC4

I have always loved this authentic English pub, in fact this is the place where I meet my gluten free blog partner in crime Sarah for the very first time. I guess you could say this is where it all started. I am very excited to share this gem with everyone, I have nothing but love for this place. I’m a regular here since they opened during the summer. The inviting laid back patio in the front and back was what first drew my attention but what kept me around was the unique menu and quality crafted cocktails. The Oxley has an elegant and yet casual atmosphere which is rare for being in the heart of Yorkville. I visit The Oxley at least 2 times a week, the comforting atmosphere always feels like I’m hanging out at a friend’s place. I’m always reminded of the classic show Cheers, where everyone knows your name. Obviously I’m a huge fan of The Oxley’s atmosphere, now let’s get down to the important stuff, FOOD!

The Oxley has a very unique menu that changes periodically, but don’t worry, it always seems to get better (just when you think it couldn’t get any better). If you have a gluten allergy like we do, by now  you are  used to going into restaurants and seeing one item on the whole menu that you’ll be able to enjoy. Well, not this place my friend! they have a great selection, I feel so spoiled!  The chef always makes modifications to meet my needs and I am soo grateful.  My new obsession is the ham terrine and salted roast beets with goat cheese and honey, yumm…. Did I mention that its one of the 15 items I can have.  Saving the best for last, cocktails!  The best gluten free Bloody Mary’s made with fresh Horse Radish, (fresh as in the will grate it right in front of you) real tomato juice and Chopin Vodka (my favorite!).  Sarah was introduced to Tag vodka for the first time which is made with corn instead of wheat. Lets just say we were both pretty happy after just one. The servers are always very genuine, consistent and professional which makes this place even more amazing!!!

List of a few bar items that are Gluten Free:

Salted roast beets with honey
Smoke Beef loins and Soy Braised Shiitakes
Pear Roasted Quail & Caramelized Chicory .
Sheppard’s Pie
Four less Chocolate cake!

Oxley Public House Pâté  Oxley Public House Cocktail

Jenn’s Pâté modified to be Gluten free & Sarah’s specially made cocktail

Cocktail Ingredients:
Yellow Chartreuse
Tag Vodka
Lillet Blanc

A couple tried and tested gluten free vodkas..

Tag VodkaChopin Vodka

The Gluten Free Bitches enjoying a night out!

Gluten Free Bitches


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