Restaurant Review: Sadie’s Diner

sadies diner

Sadie’s Diner and Juice Bar
504 Adelaide St W  Toronto, ON M5V 1T1

I hate groupons but I always fall into their trap, I WILL NEVER buy one for a spa again but when it comes to restaurants they are a little less likely to suck. I bought one on living social for $10 for $20 worth of food at Sadie’s Diner. I walked by this place a couple weeks ago and wanted to give it a try anyways so this was perfect! (Although I never spend more than $10 on a meal and I couldn’t find someone to go with so I had to find things that equaled $20, so technically I didn’t really save any money).

The actual restaurant is really cute, there are lots of tables to sit at with two different dining areas. It’s super cozy and they play good tunes. The menu is kind of limited, it’s a lot of sandwiches (which they can serve with gluten free bread) and some breakfast. I ordered the soup of the day which was veggie ($5) however when I got it, it’s seemed more like a mildly spicy chili (maybe the server got it wrong?) and it was cold :(. I was pretty full after that hearty ‘soup’ so I got my second meal choice to go. I originally ordered the veggie burger but they were sold out of the that so I had to pick something else, the Vegan Rancheros: Scrambled tofu on corn tortillas with salsa, refried beans, guacamole & vegan cheese. ($12) This was actually really delicious, it’s unfortunate by the time I got around to being hungry again it was cold as well but it was good even cold. It was a massive serving and I could smell it the whole time I walked home with it.

They are called a Diner and Juice Bar but I was let down by their juice selection, there wasn’t anything I really wanted. I’d definitely go back for that breakfast again and maybe some gluten free pancakes. Their prices aren’t too bad either! I don’t have a photo of my Rancheros because it was a few hours old and in a take out container but maybe I’ll go back and put it up another time!

sadies diner

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