Restaurant Review: Fresh on Spadina

I would say I eat fairly regularly at Fresh on Spadina. It’s quick, large portions,  healthy and meets all my dietary restrictive needs. Jen recently gave Fresh a shot and here’s what she had to say about it:


Fresh Restaurant

147 Spadina Ave Toronto

“This place is busy! I have been wanting to eat her for a while now. It reeks healthy, I feel healthier just looking at the menu. They have a very large selection of refreshing juices with special detox combination drinks. The food menu is very large. I am surprised and disappointed that the Gluten free menu is quite small. A lot of the Gluten Free dishes only consisted of substituting lettuce for a wrap/ bread. I ordered the “holiday” with a lettuce wrap so it was more like a salad. It was good but I can imagine how awesome it would be as an actual wrap. In the end this place does focus on healthy eating, the food is good and refreshing but if you are gluten free eater your options are very limited. I love everything about this place, it’s very calm and a casual dining atmosphere.”

Fresh is always busy, a little pricey and the gluten free section is about 1/4 of the regular menu but it’s still worth checking out. There aren’t many restaurants in the downtown core that have such a large vegatarian menu. You will also notice they have baked goods on display that are gluten free including muffins, cupcakes and more. They offer quick prepackaged option, and after 5 pm discount and are well known for their amazing fresh juices.

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