Raw Food Toronto: Rawlicious

Jen and I decided to try out another Raw Food restaurant since our last one was so delicious, we chose Rawlicious in Yorkville. Rawlicious has locations in Canada and the U.S., there are a couple restaurants in Toronto and one in Barrie and Markham. The menu tends to vary a little from place to place. It does state that everything on the menu is gluten free (which includes cocktails but after asking, we were informed the cocktails with vodka are not gluten free). They also hold un-cooking classes, which I think would be awesome to check out. The atmosphere was really great, it is a sit down restaurant where you are served, unlike St Lawrence market’s Cruda Cafe. The lighting was low (which is why the photos are a little dark) and it was cozy and warm inside.

Jen ordered the New Grist Beer which was really good (I don’t even like beer), it has a tarte after taste that is similar to Sake. I ordered the Taco Wrap for $9, it was a big collared leaf enveloping a thin layer of seasoned nut loaf with guacamole, romaine lettuce, salsa & almond nut cheese on top. Jen chose the Meat Loaf, Mash & Gravy at $14 which had a nut loaf with ‘mashed potato’ which was actually some type of cauliflower puree. The portions were really small, if you’re super hungry I would suggest ordering an appetizer (the nori wrapped veggies looked great!). The taco was filling for it’s size but was a little on the bland side. Jen’s meatloaf was a little salty, but the mashed cauliflower was delicious! I would like to go back and try their smoothies, I love that they are blended with Almond Milk instead of Soy.




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