Raw Food Toronto: Cruda Cafe

Cruda Cafe 1

On the bottom level of one of the best places in Toronto (The St. Lawrence Market) is Cruda Cafe, a green, locally grown, vegan, raw food cafe. It’s a great little cafe with a good sized menu and daily off-menu items as well. Jenn ordered the Gypsy Sandwich and a Hibiscus Water while I got the Raw Taco and the ‘Love Me Tender’ tart (had to get this because I’m obsessed with Elvis… and pink). We tried a bit of each others entrees and loved everything. The taco isn’t on their regular fixed menu, it was a special and only $6. It was a smaller meal size but perfect for myself. The ‘sour cream’ was made of lemon and cashew, which is amazing since I’m lacto.  Jen’s sandwich was $12, you can’t really just bite into it like a normal person sandwich, the ‘bread’ is more of a cracker so it works better if you can eat the top and bottom separately.  She found the Hibiscus Water too sour but I tried it and found it pretty sweet so I finished it (and loved it). I wasn’t a fan of my pink tart, I don’t like the taste of coconut and the tart itself as well as the creamy filling were both made with coconut so Jen ate that one and finished every last crumb. I’d love to go back, it’s great if you have some shopping to do in the market. All items at Cruda Cafe are gluten free, sugar free and local as much as possible. All breads, wraps, cookies, chips and croutons are dehydrated below 110 f to keep the enzymes alive so you don’t have to use your own. The only downside of it being in the market are the limited hours. Check out the photos and descriptions below:

Cruda Cafe 6

Raw Vegan Taco: Dehydrated corn tortilla, gauc, refried no-beans, salsa, lettuce and ‘sour cream’
Gypsy Sandwich: Crispy slices of dehydrated sprouted bread, homemade vegan kombucha cheese, guacamole, tomato, sprouts, beets, a tower of nature, paired with a small salad

Cruda Cafe 4

Cruda Cafe 5

Since most natural plant-based products do not contain gluten, the raw diet which focuses on eating fresh, unprocessed foods, lowers the chances of your eating gluten significantly. A celiac, for example, will avoid bread at all costs. A person following the raw diet will avoid most bread too, but for different reasons. Gluten comes from plant sources. So, you’re not guaranteed to avoid gluten by following a raw foods diet. However, gluten mainly comes from wheat grains, as well as some other grains such as barley. If you’re sensitive to gluten and want to follow a raw food diet you can omit grains from your meals and snacks. Similarly, avoid foods such as cous cous and bulger wheat. Other common foods in the raw diet, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, don’t contain gluten at all.

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