Pereg Quinoa All’ Italiana

I found a box of pre-seasoned quinoa the other day,  I actually thought it was soup and bought it because I was in the mood for soup. Turned out it was just quinoa with some veggies and spices, no broth or hot water necessary. It kind of made my apartment smell like a pizzeria. The box was $5 and serves 4 people, its created by a company called Pereg who make natural gourmet food. (Again, I got this at Home Sense) The large canister is only $5.20 on their web site so I feel slightly ripped off.

Mixed with Pereg’s spices, hand-picked plum tomatoes and carrots from Italy, the mix is easy to prepare, taking only 20 minutes. You can cook on the stove top or microwave. Voila! The perfect addition to any meal.

It’s not exactly cost effective because you can buy quinoa in bulk for much less but it is great if you want to save some time with preparation.


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