Gluten Free Mascara: Lush vs Dr Hauschka Mascara Review

lush vs dr hauschka mascara review

Recently I’ve noticed my skin reacting to products differently than it used to. Maybe this is because for the past 4-5 years I’ve been eating a lot cleaner and gluten free so my body is used to more natural unprocessed foods. I could be totally off base but that seems to make some sense. On a daily basis I wear liquid liner, mascara, concealer & pencil in my eyebrows. I have noticed my eyes slowly become more and more irritated with the products I’m using. I’ve tried out a few mascaras and thought I’d review them for you, so this is: Lush vs Dr Hauschka Mascara Review.

Lush is vegan however the Dr Hauschka mascara isn’t. So, I’m not comparing these based on that. I’m comparing the two mascaras based on their natural and gluten free ingredients and how they feel and look on my eyes.

Dr Hauschka’s eyeliner is vegan, I haven’t tried it yet.. but I think I might as I’m also looking for a new eyeliner. I have tried many and can’t find anything I like as much as mac’s boot black. I have a love/hate relationship with that eyeliner as it smudges easily but I love the matte black and the brush applicator.

lush vs dr hauschka mascara review

Dr. Hauschka’s mascara is gaurenteed gluten free, you can see that on their website here.

“We are pleased to share that all Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products for the Face, Bath and Body, including Make-up, are gluten-free except for Soothing Cleansing Milk, which contains Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten and Lactobacillus/Oat/Rye/Wheat Seed Extract Ferment.”

Lush’s mascara seems to be gluten free, I looked at their ingredient list here and found a response online here. I did send in an email to inquire about this product specifically, when I get a response I’ll post it on this page.

lush vs dr hauschka mascara review

They both feel great, I don’t notice any irritation with either product which is the most important thing. I like the packaging of the lush bottle however the little wand is somewhat annoying to handle. The lush mascara is thinner/more water-y than Dr. Hauschka’s. The lush brush is much narrower as well.

lush vs dr hauschka mascara review   lush vs dr hauschka mascara review

I compared an unedited version of the photo I took above. Dr. Hauschka’s mascara is not only great for sensitive eyes but has a lot of volume. I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look and I prefer to use a longer wand when applying product as well. There isn’t a huge price difference, Dr. Hauschka on Amazon is $22 ($30 from the Dr Hauschka online shop) and Lush is just under at $19.95.

lush vs dr hauschka mascara review

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