Lola’s Kitchen Has Something For Everyone

This is my second time checking out Lola’s Kitchen and the second time round was even better! Lola’s is located on the west side of Church just south of Bloor. They have a really great patio that looks on to Church and is raised a bit off the ground. This is a great place to go if you you want to go out for dinner with a bunch of people who all have different dietary needs (which is usually the case these days). You can bring a vegan here, a celiac and even a fast-food-burger-eater. They’ve got lots of menu options and some are labelled GF (gluten Free), V (vegan) VG (vegetarian).  They also have a great cocktail menu with reasonably priced pitchers of Sangria! (Also offer my favourite gluten free Vodka).

I ordered the Vegan Taco with a Vegan Sweet Potato Chipotle soup. The Vegan Taco had ground walnut, pico de gallo, tomato, I think some sort of cashew butter but honestly I can’t remember :/ It was yummy though! The tacos are $3.75 each and my cup of soup was $5. Both were really delicious.

lolas kitchen lolas kitchen

My friend, Tara ordered 2 pulled pork tacos (they also have a pulled pork sandwich). Apparently she likes to try everyone’s pulled pork and see how they measure up, Lola’s passed the test.

lolas kitchen

Here’s a snap shot of the menu:

lolas kitchen lolas kitchen

I’d definitely go back here (and not only because it’s right around the corner from my apartment), might even celebrate my upcoming 30th Birthday here :)

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