Hogtown Vegan, Toronto


Hogtown vegan is a restaurant for people who miss all that deep fried comfort food they used to eat when they were Carnivores. I personally don’t eat anything deep fried (not only because it has gluten, is fattening but mostly because I have a hard time digesting it) but was really curious to check this place out especially since they have a gluten free menu. I ordered the Tortilla Salad which had crisp romaine lettuce, black beans, tomatoes, guacamole, corn tortillas, sunflower sour cream and scallions in a chili-lime dressing all for $10! The salad was really delicious, I asked for the dressings on the side (I can’t digest a lot of dressing either, especially the amount people usually slap on) and I’m glad I did because I wasn’t a fan of the orange dressing and the ‘sour cream’ dressing was alright. There was more than enough guac and bean stuff to use instead of dressing anyway which was perfect. I was super full at the end and totally satisfied. My buddy Vina ordered the mac n cheese and chicken fingers (NOT gluten free). The service was great and came out in good time and the prices are decent. I’d definitely go back but I’m pretty sure the salad is the only thing on the menu I can actually eat.





(416) 901-9779
 834 Bloor St. W Toronto, Ontario 

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