Eating Gluten Free While Traveling Europe

gluten free europe

I’m here to help you be gluten free while traveling Europe! Not only do I have to worry about gluten while travelling but I also steer clear of dairy, red meat, beef and caffeine. This is not easy when you can’t read the menu, or ask what the meal actually contains. Luckily if I accidentally swallow anything stated above at worst I will feel crappy for a few hours but it will eventually pass. If I had a severe allergy I’d probably print out notecards with a sentence explaining my allergy in all the languages of the countries I’m visiting. It’s really important for me to have breakfast in the morning or I’ll probably pass out shortly after due to low energy/sugar, so I make sure I’ve got my breakfast covered before I even leave my own house. Normally I would pack a bunch of oatmeal packets however for half of this trip I was on a special diet where I couldn’t have oats, instead I used quinoa flakes. I made individual packets to take along so it would be ready to go in the morning – just add hot water (or a non dairy milk).

Here’s a little diagram I made while chilling out on the many trains I took from country to country :)

quinoa oatmeal

Each packet contains:

  • 1/4 cup quinoa flakes
  • 1 tsp ground flax
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • dried cranberry
  • raisins
  • pecans
  • 1/2 tsp holy crap
  • almond butter
  • Add whatever type of milk or water (boiling) you’d like and a chopped up banana


This is what the quinoa oatmeal looks like when made.. not exactly like regular oatmeal

These packets are great to bring on trips!


I also like to bring along a lot of granola bars just in case there is no food to be found anywhere! These are my favourites:

gluten free bars


Here is a list of places I ate at while travelling and had great experiences with:

Amsterdam: Bar Kitchen Tuin 10
> I had the best mojito of my life here. I also had the quinoa salad which was delicious and super filling! My boyfriend pretty much ate burger the entire trip, he had his first one here and said it was the best of the trip. Bonus: English in menu!
Address: Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 13, 1015 RX Amsterdam.

amsterdam bar

Le Place
> Really great and inexpensive buffet style restaurant with all natural, organic and local yummy food!

Berlin: Veganz
> Vegan Grocery Chain with a little cafe. I ate a great salad and smoothie.
Address: Schivelbeiner Straße 34 10439 Berlin

Prague: Clear Head (Lehka hlava)
> This restaurant is a little fancy but very high quality food. I had the Grilled vegetable kebabs with smoked tofu, served with potatoes au gratin, BBQ sauce and a small spring salad with lemon dressing. It’s a small restaurant, they recommend reservations.
Address: Borsov 2/280, Prague 1 – Old Town

Munich: Jones Diner
> Of course we ate in an American Diner while in Europe… It was hard to find something and I was starving so I got a salad :)
Address: Karlstrasse 56 80333 München

Zurich: TOO EXPENSIVE / Cooked all my meals at home!

Belgium: Exki
> I had the best Nasi Goreng here, I read the ingredients and it looked free of gluten and I felt find afterward :) They sell ready to go food for take out or eat in that is fresh and healthy.

London: Marks & Spencers
> So cheap and awesome!

If you have no issues with food and have a solid stomach like my boyfriend than I suggest indulging in these country specific favourites:

Amsterdam: Poffertjes

Prague: Trdelnik
praguepastry praguepastry2

Munich: warm round dough balls dusted in powder sugar & Apple Strudel



Last but not least… DUTCH CROQUETTES! (my fav – from when I used to eat everything)

dutch croquettes

If you’re struggling with gluten free options, here’s a little infographic to help you out even more!

Gluten free and dread travelling abroad? - An Infographic from GoodnessDirect Blog

Embedded from GoodnessDirect Blog

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