Gluten Free in NYC

Thanks to my boyfriend I got a surprise trip to NYC for my birthday which also included a little rally car race with his cousin. I went to Instagram for gluten free foodie suggestions, I can ALWAYS count on instagram for great tips! Here are a few places that were suggested:

Italian Gluten Free Restaurants:

Risotteria:  This restaurant represents gluten-free heaven! From the crispy, chewy, salty Gf breadsticks (replacing the breadbasket) to our own made-here bakery and frozen food selection, this is the place for celiacs. It is one of the only places in the Tri-state area where you can order authentic Neapolitian pizza in thin and thick crusted versions,that’s gluten-free. 270 Bleecker St.

Bistango: Bistango Ristorante is one of Manhattan’s popular neighborhood dining spots, while being one of the eastside’s best kept secrets. Since 1988, Bistango has been known for its appetizing Italian fare, casual atmosphere, and gracious hospitality. And since 2006, we’ve added Gluten-free dishes. 415 Third Ave at East 29th Street.

John’s on 12th: The place has been here for long time and so many people forget how good it is. If your looking to get away from the busy areas of the city and want a classic Italian dinner then John’s is the place. It’s tucked away on one of the quieter streets on the east side. Gluten Free & Vegan Menu. 302 E 12th St .

S’Mac: Okay so maybe mac n cheese isn’t Italian but I’ll still lump it in with this group…. After a lot of testing and experimentation, we have modified some of our core ingredients in order to allow you to order anything from our menu, gluten-free. We are able to do this because now our bechamel does not contain any wheat flour, and our breadcrumbs are made from gluten-free cornflakes, and not actual bread. For gluten-free orders we use Brown Rice elbow macaroni. 157 East 33rd Street between Lexington and 3rd avenues.

Asian Gluten Free Restaurants:


Lilli and Loo: UES establishment serving up some some old school Chinese food with some new school flair – a gluten-free menu endorsed by the GFRAP (Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program). 792 Lexington Ave.

Gluten Free Bakery’s:

Pip’s Gluten Free Bakery: Pip’s Place is an upscale, gluten free bakery in NYC located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on First Avenue between 89th and 90th Street. 1729-31 1st Ave.

Tulu’s Bakery: We make gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, muffins, paninis and much more. We also sell a variety of vegan baked goods. Visit us in New York and Dallas338 East 11th Street.

Jennifer’s Way Bakery: New York’s Premiere Gluten Free Bakery 263 E. 10th ST., NYC.

Gluten Free Burger Joints:

Bareburger: Bareburger restaurants offer mouth-watering organic burgers and sandwiches, fresh salads, delicious shakes and sharable snacks in environmentally sustainable, eco-friendly locations. Lots of Gluten Free Options! 153 8th Ave, Manhattan, N.Y.

Bad Burger: Open 24/7, Vegan Options with Gluten Free buns.  House-baked buns, rolls, and desserts. Hand cut fries. Free wifi. 171 Avenue A.

Some other options that were recommended that don’t necessarily have gluten free options but probably have something you could eat:

Beauty and Essex
Red Rooster
Hell’s Kitchen Market on Saturdays

Here’s what I ate:

I really only had a full day in NYC before we headed out to the rally so I definitely couldn’t check out all the places but I did manage to hit a couple.

1. My boyfriend and I ended up at Bad Burger after checking out Obscura Oddities and Antiques. Bad Burger was awesome. Everywhere around there was so busy,  to sit down right away in a comfortable cool little restaurant with free wifi was just what we needed. I ate the Black Bean Bad Burger with the usual toppings (pickle, onion, lettuce) and my boyfriend had the Godfather. Both our burgers were so delicious and the vegan coleslaw was pretty bad ass too.  Our server was great, food came out fast, it was the perfect spot!

Gluten Free in NYC


Gluten Free in NYC


Gluten Free in NYC

2. We did have a lovely sit down dinner at Lilli and Loo, the atmosphere was great, we were serenaded by beautiful live music while we ate. There are a lot of options to choose from here. I had the Saigon Roll and an Avocado Cucumber Roll with GF soy sauce, Kevin (boyfriend) had the Beef Bento Box. My rolls were perfect and the dipping sauce was a nice change from the usual peanut sauce. Overall I enjoyed it and it was nice to have a dinner in a somewhat fancy-ish place instead of quick food all day.
Gluten Free in NYC

Gluten Free in NYC

3. Once we got to Jersey City to meet up with the other rally member, Kevin’s cousin we had dinner at White Star 230 Brunswick St. Jersey City, NJ.  They had MASSIVE burgers that were really yummy and kept us full for probably a good 10 hrs (we started the rally that night and drove over night and I don’t think we ate until lunch time the next day).  I ordered the veggie burger without the bun and it was another hit!

Basically the rest of my trip was driving through no where land from midnight on Friday night until 9pm Saturday night and not being able to stop because the race was won based on your odometer reading. SO needless to say it was a struggle in the food department as I’m not just sensitive to gluten. I had packs of oatmeal with me and a box of Glutino GF Granola bars (which I didn’t really like)… I was so sick of oats and puffed rice by the end of that and my stomach was swollen to pregnant size and bathroom trips were quite often. Anyways, I made it! And we lost :( but actually won worst mileage.. that’s something right?

Check out our photos.. (the other part of the winning the rally is how amazeballs your costume is).

Gluten Free in NYC

Gluten Free in NYC


Gluten Free in NYC


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  1. Heading to NYC next week for nephew’s graduation from NYU…sure glad that I found this write-up.

    • Sarah Trafford

      I’m so glad I was able to help! I’m posting one on Europe next week ;) Have a great time in NYC and congrats on your nephew’s graduation!

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