Do I Need Gluten Free Makeup?

Us girls at Gluten Free Bitches are always up for spreading the word when we think we’ve come across something great, here is a guest post from Jen at Purely Posh Makeup. Keep reading because at the bottom is a mini interview with Jen and the Bitches.

How Many Chemicals Do You Put On Your Body?

So many of us think about what we are eating and putting IN our bodies every single day.  But do you think about what you put ON your body?  Many of us rarely think about what goes on our bodies very often, or at all.

We put on lotions, make up, soaps, tons of products every day.  Women on average put on 12 products daily, totaling about 500 chemicals she is putting on her skin! Crazy!  The skin absorbs these chemicals and can even be absorbed into the bloodstream.

For a celiac or people who have sensitivities to gluten or different chemicals, they may not even realize it is the products they put on their body causing the reaction. Thankfully, scientists are learning more about what all these chemicals do and there is more awareness.  At Purely Posh we try to bring awareness to the chemicals in products and provide alternatives to the mainstream makeup.

Purely Posh is a San Francisco Bay Area based, natural cosmetics online boutique that offers a variety of Gluten free, Vegan, and Organic cosmetics and skin care products to encourage healthy living through beauty.  All of our products are eco and animal friendly as well.  Check it out:

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Here are my favorites from Purely Posh!


Flawless Matte Pressed Foundation

This seamless pressed powder can be used as a coverage foundation or finishing powder. This mineral-based foundation gives smooth finish to the skin without sacrificing its natural beauty.

PowderColors Stackable Mineral Color
These mineral make-up PowderColors are fun, easy to use, and allow you create stunning looks ranging from natural to glamorous. These beautiful loose powders can be used as eyeshadows, eyeliners, and blushes!

Visit our online boutique:

Here are a few questions we had for Jen!

GFB: When and how did Purely Posh start?
I started Purely Posh this year, in early 2012.  I have always had a passion for health and love makeup so launching this type of site was the perfect fit for me! For years, every time I go to purchase cosmetics, I am always looking up the safety rating and the chemicals in each product before I buy it.  So I thought I would create a site that gives people a place to purchase safe cosmetics without all the toxins mainstream makeup have.  I narrowed down the companies I was considering working with to 30.  Then I had a bunch of women sample all the cosmetics so they could give me input on what products they liked best, went on smooth, stayed on all day, etc.  I looked for the products that were free of toxins and were safe but also the products that have the best performance.

GFB: How can makeup containing gluten affect a celiac?
Sometimes if a person is highly sensitive to gluten, then even the products a person puts ON their body can affect them like the products they put IN their body.  If someone is highly affected by trace amounts of gluten it would be best to stay away from it completely and use gluten free cosmetics.

GFB: What are the benefits of gluten free makeup?
The benefits of gluten free makeup would be mainly to a celiac so they don’t suffer as much from their sympoms.  And people simply trying to live a gluten free lifestyle would benefit so they can live a 100% gluten free life.

GFB: Do you distribute your product in Canada? Or is it only sold in the U.S.?
Shipping is $6 to anywhere in the US.  Shipping to Canada/Mexico is $13.

GFB: How and where are the products made?
Many products are made in the USA but not all.  You can look for the made in USA products only by clicking on the symbol with the flag and it will take you to all of the USA products.

GFB: What ingredients in makeup contain gluten?
Any products that contain wheat will have gluten.  For example this scrub will definitely contain gluten: Almond Oatmeal Facial Scrub.
Here are some other gluten containing ingredients sometimes found in makeup:  oat, rye, wheat germ, barley, millet.

GFB: Are you celiac? Assuming you use gluten free makeup now, what kind of differences have you noticed if any?
I am not a celiac.  My interest began just looking for products that were free of toxins, that was what I personally wanted to stay away from.  After doing more research, I found that many of the products that don’t have toxins also don’t contain gluten.  I also have a few friends that are celiacs and know it can be difficult to find food and products that are gluten free.  I try to provide a good assortment of gluten free, vegan, organic, unscented, and made in USA products on my site.  ALL of our products are natural, eco and animal friendly, and free of carcinogens.

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