Coming Clean: ParaGone, Part 1

Spring is finally here.  That means rain boots, tulips and colourful produce.  It’s a time to start fresh.  We begin spring cleaning our houses (or in my case, my new apartment) and this year, I am spring cleaning my body.  Am I detoxing?  Yes, but it’s not what you think.

I am embarking on a parasite cleanse.  Be forewarned – this will get gross.

It is said that most of us are walking around with some type of intestinal parasite.  I’ve definitely got ‘em – I am an avid eater of raw meat and fish, and often work closely with carnivorous animals who roll around in their pee and poops.  I have even done this (non-competitively). Basically, I’m a walking worm-farm.

So, I have enlisted the help of an herbal product, Paragone by Renew Life, which retails at about $29.  Seems legit – I’ve successfully enjoyed other supplements by Renew Life before.


The program lasts 5 weeks in total:  15 days on, 5 days off, and another 15 days on.  I’m pretty sure that the 5-day break is to prevent tolerance among the parasites and the additional 15 days to kill off any eggs which may have hatched.  Oh yes – don’t pretend like it’s not happening inside you right now.

One pack is said to last 15 days, assuming you’re taking one dose in the morning and one in the evening.  It recommends that for those under 150 pounds to take only the evening dosage, so one pack will last me the entire 5 weeks.  Inside are one bottle of capsules and one bottle of liquid, to be taken together with water.


I started last night, not knowing what to expect.  Within a minute, I could feel a slight burning in my stomach, not horrible, but noticeable.

What was more noticeable was the effect it had on my head.  It felt as though all of the blood in my body was rushing to my brain, almost like a headache was coming on soon.  I got a bit dizzy and things got a bit blurry – I was in a daze which lasted about 30 minutes.  Not totally unpleasant – after all, I am meant to take it in the evening, before bed.

Curious as to what could be making me feel this way, I looked at the ingredients list.  Appearing as a primary ingredient in the capsules, and a secondary ingredient in the liquid, is wormwood.  I thought, “That sounds familiar,” but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I remembered this episode of the Supersizers Go.  As it turns out, wormwood is the principal flavouring agent in absinthe, and is what makes it so potent.

So, a fun bonus – a real bang for my buck so far.  Today, I am feeling okay, with some occasional mild cramping, which is to be expected.  In fact, it is milder that I thought.  I will keep everyone updated on my cleanse. (click here for update)

♥ Sara F.

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