A Plan to Fix My Stomach & Skin

In January I came down with a throat infection and also just felt completely run down and very dizzy. I had to take off 3 days from work but was pretty much in my bed for a total of 5 days. I don’t usually have throat problems so I thought it might be good to get it checked out. The walkin clinic prescribed and anti-biotic for bronchitis. (I don’t smoke, fyi) I took the medicine for a couple days and noticed that I had ringing in my ears and actually was loosing hearing in one of them so I went to another walk in clinic where the doctor looked up the prescription online and told me that is a very rare side effect. She suggested I stop taking them, so I did. She also told me I probably don’t have bronchitis, just a virus, which anti-biotics can’t help anyway. Three months later I still have ringing in my ears (got all the hearing back thankfully) and since then the skin on my forehead has been very bumpy. Also just recently came down with a dry cough that’s been lingering for over a week.

What really annoyed me was the breakout on my forehead, other than zits from sweat or dirt here and there I don’t really have issues with my skin anywhere. I went to get a facial about 3 weeks ago and was told my skin was very dehydrated (makes sense as winter in Toronto this year was at a steady -25 degrees) and suggested I use the night cream she sells (obviously). She also mentioned the face cream I was using (Clarins Ultra Matte) was terrible and is known to cause skin irritations. For 3 weeks straight I have been keeping my humidifier on non stop, using her face cream only and leaving my skin alone and drinking lots of water. There is no difference, my skin is the same.

I decided to go see a naturopath at the medical center right at the end of my street (so convenient and most of it is covered by benefits, so why not!). I’ve seen a naturopath before for my digestions issues and found her advice very helpful. I can’t remember everything she told me and I hope I don’t skew any of it. She told me the antibiotics I took back in January have probably made a mess in my gut and kidneys. I had a few UTI’s last year that forced me to take antibiotics so I have probably taken too many which would cause harm to my system. She mentioned that when you break out on your forehead it’s connected to your digestive system. She also thinks I may have an overgrowth of oxalates/mineral crystals.

A plan to fix my stomach (and skin) includes:

  1. Genestra HKI for kidney filtration
  2. Black Cherry Juice/Concentrate for crystal breakdown
  3. Fish Oil
  4. Homeopathic Kali Phos with Verbascum mixed with water in a dropper container. (For my cough)
  5. HMF Forte Probiotic


She also adjusted my diet so I will eat less foods that cause an increase in oxalic acid. I normally eat a banana everyday with oatmeal along with an orange later for a snack. In my 3 week meal plan I need to remove bananas, oranges and oatmeal :( Instead a smoothie for breakfast.

This is my smoothie recipe:

  • Frozen Berries
  • Almond Butter
  • Almond Milk
  • 1 scoop Metagenics Rice Protein Powder
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds & crushed flax
  • HMF Forte Probiotic Powder

To help my skin she also mentioned that Clarins is bad, she’s used it herself and broke out. Instead she told me about a woman who makes organic handcrafted skin care and suggested purchasing their serum or going in for a consult. I made an appointment for a consultation right away! The boutique is Province Apothecary, I booked a 30 min skin consultation that includes a 7ml personal serum blend. Julie was amazing and told me I was very dehydrated and because of that the oil is being trapped which causes the bumps. She gave me a bunch of homework on top of my other homework from my naturopath. She was really awesome and like a mad scientist whipped up a concoction just for me! This is what was recommended to fix my skin issues:


  1.  Cleanser
  2.  Serum (alone or with moisturizer if needed)
  3.  Exfoliate 2 times a week
  4.  Seaweed mask 1 time a week (seaweed eats away dead skin)
  5.  Pineapple mash 1 time a week (just pineapple blended and applied to face, can use papaya as well).


Apparently this should take about 2 weeks before I notice any changes and about 4 for real results. Also I will probably go back in for an extraction in another week or so. She even sent a follow up email with all the details about the products she made for me. This is my trying out the mask..

province apothecary

province apothecary

province apothecary

SO basically I have A LOT to do over the next 3-4 weeks, I’ll post again with everything I experience, learned and what worked!


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